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OSFOOD REVALUATED is an aquaculture diet that acts as a natural stimulant dry feed for ornamental fish made from Bio Nutrients that increases the absorption of all the nutrients needed by freshwater ornamental fish.


OSFOOD REVALUATED Improve growth and immune system. The formula from Osfood Revaluated is proven to improve health and survival rates, from the adolescent stage to adulthood and has been proven to apply the digestive system to function better at a higher utilization of lipids. Lipid's main biological function is to store energy and act as a building component of cell membranes to eliminate disease factors and cell damage. The Osfood Revaluated formula directs diet and lipid deposition or lower fat molecules in ornamental fish from the juvenile to adult phases, the results of the Osfood Revaluated formula are proven to show increased lipid mobilization which has been claimed as the only dry ornamental fish feed in the world by European and United States ornamental fish feed product trial institutions as ornamental fish feed which increases superior diet utilization. In addition, the Osfood Revaluated formula has been recognized by several trial results at universities in Australia, Germany, England and Canada, which is able to optimally increase the transport of all nutrients that succeed in repairing and building lipoprotein synthesis and protecting ornamental fish from damage to intestinal cells.


INGREDIENTS The composition of the ingredients used by Osgood Revaluated byusing whole fish and shrimp, not those that come from wasteresidue and generic fish meal. AQUATIC PURE PROTEIN Most fish pellets use seeds and soybeans as a protein source filler, where fish are difficult and take a very long time to grow big and produce a lot of waste. Ornamental fish are not really able to adapt to digest soy protein. Osfood Revaluated uses only fully aquatic protein sources. ARTANTIC KRILL Osfood Revaluated uses Artantic Krill which contains a much higher percentage of compounds called carotenoids. Superior red, orange and yellow pigments, Artantik krill are not only healthy but also make ornamental fish more beautiful. FILLER GRAINS Many fish pellet foods are of non-aquatic origin which pass through the fish'sbody as waste and provide no real nutrition. Osfood Revaluated contains proteinsources from fish, insects, algae and aquatic plants. NON ARTIFICIALLY COLOR Spirulina is blue and green algae, technically Cyanobacteria which providenutrients in the form of proteins and vitamins which fish can easily digest andaccess all the beneficial nutrients and also an excellent natural color producer. SEA CUCUMBER Osfood Revaluated is the only ornamental fish pellet in the world that uses SeaCucumber. The Osfood Revaluated Formula has been patented andrecognized by fisheries institutions of European countries, United States toBBP3P or The Center for Testing the Application of Marine and FisheryProducts, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic ofIndonesia. This formulation is scientifically proven to reflect cell reversal inornamental fish to change DNA mutations to more advanced ones. Revaluated or Evaluated.

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Elshangrilajaya - @2023 Elshangrilajaya - All Rights Reserved.

Elshangrilajaya - @2023 Elshangrilajaya - All Rights Reserved.

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